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AW: Terms of Service

Post by Gin Ichimaru on Thu Jun 16, 2016 8:19 am

Anime Wall :: Terms of Service
Spamming is not allowed and the following is considered as spam:
 Posting messages which contain under 3 letters, down to the admin, manager, or mod discretion.
★ Posting messages which have nothing to do with the topic.
★ Triple posting. Bumping your own topic after 1 day has passed is an exception to this rule.
★ Show respect to all members.
★ Follow staff instructions, unless deemed unreasonable then contact a manager or an administrator.
★ We are not responsible for any offense committed outside the forum or the livebox.
★ However, if they concern the well being of Livestream Hub we may take action.
★ The promotion of other sites is prohibited except in the "Sites & Partnerships" forum.
★ Our forum's content is managed by @Legionheart
★ Our forum's owner and creator is @The Overlord.
★ Creating a user account that imitates an administrator or staff member's username.
In the livebox you may not:
★ Post illegal or sexual content that violates Forumotion's Terms of Service or our own.
★ Harass other members and staff.
★ Spam in the chatbox "caps are not considered spam".
★ Posting more than 3 times in a row is considered spam.
★ Any violation of these rules will result in the following 
Livebox Discipline Table(Anything that occurs on the chat/livebox):
★ 1st Offense: Written warning in the livebox.
★ 2nd Offense: Kick from livebox.
★ 3rd Offense: 1 day Ban from the livebox.
★ 4th Offense: 7 day Ban from the livebox.
★ 5th Offense: Perm Ban from livebox.
Off-Livebox Discipline Table(Anything that occurs outside the chat/livebox):
★ 1st Offense: Topic moved to the LH Archives.
★ 2nd Offense: Post deletion.
★ 3rd Offense: Forum ban for 24 hours.
★ 4th Offense: Forum ban for 2-10 days(Up to administrator, manager, or moderator discretion)
★ 5th Offense: Permanent Ban(Permanent account ban/Perm IP ban, up to administrator discretion)
Only Exceptions to the above rules:
★ 1: Staff Impersonation{SI}----->IP ban
★ 2: Site Hacking{SH}----->IP ban, Email ban, Account ban, and Report to forumotion.
★ 3: Attempted Hook-ups{AH}----->1 warning, Account ban
(Keep it in PMs)
The Off-Live Box and Livebox Offenses are effective at all times and they do stack(Meaning you get 1 on Monday, then if you get another one Tuesday, and then you get one on Wednesday, then you get one on Thursday, then you get one on Friday you got all 5 strikes.) Once a member is banned it is up to the majority of Administrators, Managers, Moderators, and Designers to investigate and determine whether or not the person is worthy enough to be unbanned.
★ Note: All IP bans are absolute.
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